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Canchari to Return to Minnesota for Summer

Canchari to Return to Minnesota for Summer

A Canchari

Shakopee homebred Alex Canchari is returning to Minnesota to ride at Canterbury Park this summer, reversing course on an earlier decision to move his tack to Delaware. While it was enticing to think of the opportunities that could be waiting for him throughout the East, Canchari decided that home was the place he wanted to be for now.

“An agent back East approached me to ride for several big outfits out of Delaware,” said Canchari.  “It would be a good chance to make some connections.  He even surprised me and flew out to Arkansas the week before the Arkansas Derby to meet with me.”

A humbling experience to be certain, but the 21-year old knew what mattered most.

“I could make a lot of money out East,” said Canchari while looking for a place to spend the night around Sunland Park after his connection back to Hot Springs, Arkansas was cancelled by weather.  “But money isn’t everything.  Minnesota is my home and it’s not like racing there is a step down and I can make money there now, too.  I want to see my little niece, Novaley, and all my family and friends.”

Canchari will spend the month before Canterbury opens on May 15 riding at Prairie Meadows where agent Gene Short will handle his book, as he did at Oaklawn.

“I’ll be riding for Ray Tracy, Doug Anderson and other good outfits there,” said Canchari, “before I head up to Minnesota.”

While the talented young rider from Shakopee may have passed on an East Coast move, there will be ample opportunity in the future for him should he decide it’s time to move on.  For now, there is no substitute for home and family.


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