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Canterbury Stewards Explain Oddly Run Race

SHAKOPEE, MN – If you were at Canterbury Park on Saturday, May  27, you may have noticed jockeys tending to their mounts a little differently heading into the far turn in the 5th race.  There appeared to be communication between jockeys and at least one jockey rose a bit in the saddle as run through the turn unfolded.  The stewards immediately lit the “inquiry” sign and sorted out what occurred.  Below is the text of their deliberations and conclusions.   All stewards decisions can be found at: http://www.canterburypark.com/stewards-decisions/

Explanation of May 27 Stewards’ Decisions

May 27—5th Race: The Stewards called for a general inquiry following the 5th Race in order to take time to determine the reasons why several jockeys appeared to be talking with each other while riding down the backstretch and around the stretch turn to the quarter pole.

The Stewards believed that at least one horse in the race may have had an equipment problem, but they could not identify which horse while the race was being run.

The Stewards spoke with several riders after they had unsaddled.

Jockey Israel Hernandez, rider of #6 Bar Trick reported that his right rein broke midway of the first turn and he immediately began hollering “No reins” as a warning to his fellow riders. Hernandez was able to get ahold of enough of the broken rein to keep his mount near the inside rail down the backstretch and around the stretch turn.

Jockey Leslie Mawing, who was riding #3 just to the outside of Bar Trick, let Hernandez know that he would help in an emergency if Hernandez lost control of his mount.

Jockey Alex Canchari, who had been racing on the lead with #2 Copper Munn to the quarter pole, said he thought he heard a fellow rider holler “No Race.” Early on the stretch turn Canchari halfway rose in his saddle while taking his mount several paths off the rail.

Jockey J. D. Acosta, rider of #1 Strike Force Z, which eventually finished second, and Jockey Denny Velazquez, rider of eventual 4th-place finisher #8 Ahoymycaptain, had their mounts forwardly placed throughout the race and angled their mounts to the outside midway of the stretch turn to give Hernandez more room to maneuver if necessary.

Nearing the quarter pole, Bar Trick began to drop back while still racing near the rail. Hernandez appeared to have control of his mount and Bar Trick dropped back to finish last. After considering the rule declaring a “no race”, the stewards rejected that option. The stewards made the order of finish official following videotape reviews that confirmed there was little change in each horse’s position around the stretch turn and the original order of finish was formful.


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