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Friday Night DQ at Canterbury: Stewards Explanation

SHAKOPEE, MN – The disqualification of the heavy favorite on Friday night in Canterbury Park’s 5th race generated a lot of discussion among bettors both at the track and on line.  Olympic Lady was 3/5 at post time while the official winner, Roada Wish was 9-1 and Mija Toni, the object of the DQ was nearly 11-1. Below is the explanation from the stewards on the decision.

Explanation of Foul Claim and Stewards’ Inquiry Decisions

May 26—5th Race: The Stewards posted the Inquiry sign in order to review an incident at the end of the backstretch involving the eventual 1st-place finisher #3 Olympic Lady and the eventual 7th-place finisher #1 Mija Toni.

In addition, Jockey Larren Delorme, Mija Toni’s rider, lodged a claim of foul against Olympic Lady alleging that Jockey Alex Canchari took racing room away at the end of the backstretch entering the last turn causing Delorme to check sharply after bouncing off the inside rail.

Videotape replays confirmed the severity of the incident as Canchari allowed his mount to gradually tighten the open space between his horse’s path and the inside rail. In addition, Canchari’s mount changed leads entering the turn which took more room away. Also, the VT replays showed that Jockey Cecily Evans aboard 4th-place finisher Se Fue and Jockey Orlando Mojica on 8th-place finisher Benny’s Babygirl had to take strong holds of their respective mounts to avoid Mija Toni while Delorme regained his riding position after being thrown off balance by bouncing off the rail and checking his mount.

The Stewards disqualified #3 Olympic Lady from 1st and placed the mare 7th which made the official order of finish as follows: 1st–#8 Roada Wish; 2nd–#7 Iknowsheknowsiknow; 3rd–#6 Se Fue; 4th–#5 Tahkodha Red; 5th–#9 Anzoo; 6th—1 Mija Toni; 7th–#3 Olympic Lady; 8th–#4 Benny’s Babygirl and 9th–#2 Hoist Her Demi.

2 Responses to “Friday Night DQ at Canterbury: Stewards Explanation”

  1. Pam Wright says:

    Good call by the stewards. Canchari looked twice and had to have known he would put Delorme into the rail. Pretty dangerous move for no reason.

  2. Monroe says:

    The kid on the rail rode his mount into a bad position knowing all horses switch leads and lean in once again betting public takes it in the keaster

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