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“Go Fund Me” Page Set Up for Nolan

Friends of injured jockey Paul Nolan have set up a Go Fund Me page to help the jockey’s family deal with the expenses that pile up when a jockey is unable to ride.

Nolan has been hospitalized with sever swelling of the spine since being injured on April 18 after the 8th race at Will Rogers Downs.  While out of the intensive care unit, he will remain hospitalized for the foreseeable future until the swelling comes down enough to begin rehabilitation.

In just one day the page has been able to raise over $2300 toward the $20,000 goal.

Kris Reiman, friend of Paul and Sherry Nolan who launched the Go Fund Me page, said that the Nolan family was going to face huge financial challenges in the coming months during Paul’s long recovery period and wanted to make sure that help cam quickly so the family didn’t have to ask.

“Pauly has a long road ahead of him,” she said.  “This will help keep his life and home going and all that goes along with that.”

It is anticipated that Nolan’s recovery will be measure in months at the very least and jockeys, as independent contractors, do not get paid if they don’t ride.  There is no vacation pay or sick leave for an injured jockey .

“Sherry will give more information in a few days on his condition,” Reiman said.  “But we know hospitalization for a while and then rehab.  It will be months.”

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