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Litfin Roll Continues: Takes Leg-Up Charity Poker Tournament

The Leg Up Fund held it’s first fundraising poker tournament at Canterbury Park last night.  Seventy seven participants anted up $100 each with eight re-entries for the local injured jockeys fund. The players raised $4435 total funds through the entry fees and donations and also received a buffet dinner and the opportunity to earn $750 in bounties for knocking jockeys out of the tournament.

The last man standing at the end of the night was trainer Nevada Litfin.  Already having a good summer on the track, Litfin proved the old adage “when you’re hot, you’re hot” is just as true now as it was when Jerry Reed first sang about it in 1971.

Here are the top five finishers:

1.  Nevada Litfin      $1273
2. Zachary Rosin      $956
3. Chuck Costanzo $638
4. Rick Dauer          $361
5. Robert Junk      $255

This Sunday will be Leg Up Day at Canterbury with various fundraising events all day at the track.  The fund was set up to help local jocks who may need assistance should there be an on-track injury that would keep them from riding.  Patrons will be able to take pictures with jockeys, sponsor a jockey for the day, play various games and contests, bid in a silent and live auction and, of course, donate to the cause outright.

Sunday post time is 12:45 PM.

4 Responses to “Litfin Roll Continues: Takes Leg-Up Charity Poker Tournament”

  1. Rider on the Storm says:

    Great that there is money going to the Leg Up Fund. Unfortunate that we can’t do better than fundraisers when jockeys get hurt.

    I’m also impressed. You rolled a musical reference into this, possibly to people who do not know Jerry Reed’s career outside of trucking beer across the country with a Trans Am escort.

    • Ted Grevelis says:

      Ha! I was hoping someone would appreciate that!

      • Rider on the Storm says:

        Do we have any word on how long Hugo Sanchez is sidelined?

        Need to Know: Is it an automotive faux pas to use Trans Am & Escort in the same sentence?

        “Well, they raised up a son that could eat up his weight in groceries”
        – Amos Moses

      • Ted Grevelis says:

        It will be months. Hugo was hurt badly: compound fracture of both bones in his lower leg and more.

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