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Mark Zamzow 1957-2017

Mark Zamzow 1957-2017

Mark (left) and Ted in the paddock before a race last season.

It took a couple of days to write this, not because it is difficult, but because it is hard.  Friends aren’t supposed to just die at 59…out of the blue…when you spent a delightful day with them only days before.  Not friends like Mark.  Not someone who lit up a room with his personality and passion like he did.

But he did.

Those of us that knew Mark all admit that he had a passion for Thoroughbred breeding and racing and loved to talk about it.  His face and eyes lit up the most, though, when he talked about his family.

The smile was broader when he started a sentence with “My girls…”.  His eyes went deeper, softer and full of love when he said “You know, my wife…”.  Perhaps there was someone in the world more proud of his brother, Joel, than Mark, but you’d be hard pressed to prove it.

Mark never had a bad thing to say about anyone.  It was pointed out by several people at his wake that he always found the good side to everyone.  To every situation.

I want to be more like Mark.

Mark was as happy when one of his friends won a race as if he or Joel had won it themselves.  Even if he got beat in the process.

I want to be more like Mark.

Mark always had a kind word and would compliment you on whatever it is you were doing or some small attribute you never knew you had. He made you feel terrific about yourself and made sure that he never left anything unsaid.

I want to be more like Mark.

The paddock will never be the same without his personality, his gregariousness, his selflessness, his passion and his love.  The racing industry in Minnesota will never be the same – period.  Be it his work on the board of the Minnesota Thoroughbred Association, shuttling horses back and forth to Kentucky or reading pedigrees at the annual yearling sale, his professional side will be missed.

In this time of conflict and harshness, his gentleness and humanity will be irreplaceable.

We should honor him the best way we can and try to be more like Mark.

A.P. is Loose, one of Joel’s homebreds that Mark loved so much.

3 Responses to “Mark Zamzow 1957-2017”

  1. Deb Hilger says:

    Well said. He was a guy who people just loved – because there was simply nothing not to love. We should all try to be more like Mark.

  2. Joel Zamzow says:

    Beautifully written, Ted. Thank you for the heartfelt comments. Mark will be missed!
    Joel Zamzow

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