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Racing at Fargo Discontinued; Dates Go to Chippewa

The North Dakota Racing Commission on March 17 effectively ordered the cancellation of racing at the North Dakota Horse Park.

At it’s February 28th meeting, the Commission was advised by Director of the Racing Commission Gunner laCour that every attempt to revamp or address the nearly $2 million of debt that the North Dakota Horse Park owes the City of Fargo have been unsuccessful.

The last gasp, House Bill 1090 which would have created a new Racing Infrastructure Fund to help pay down the debt was defeated on the floor of the House.  With no plan in place to start paying down the debt and the Park due to be in arrears on March 1, Director laCour recommended that the meet not be funded and the Commission tabled the recommendation until March 17.

With the payment not made to the city of Fargo and the Park officially in arrears at the time of the meeting, the Commission voted to deny funding of the race meet and awarded the dates to Chippewa Downs in Belcourt.

One Response to “Racing at Fargo Discontinued; Dates Go to Chippewa”

  1. Ted Grevelis says:

    After publication we heard from a track official at Chippewa Downs who graciously provided the following information:

    “The ND Racing awarded us 6 EXTRA days of racing and allowed that we run all 4 weekends in June and the last 3 weekends in July. We wouldn’t run July 4 weekend.

    “The North Dakota Thoroughbred Assn has indicated they will run at least a bred futurity and derby at CPW. We have not heard from the North Dakota Quarter Horse Racing Assn.”

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