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Recapping the ‘Capping

When you hit it big you hear folks shout it from the rooftops and, while you might not feel like it, when you swing and miss, you have to mention that too.

We whiffed.  BIG on the Oaks, not so bad in the Derby.


Lovely Maria was great.  Simply terrific.  I know a Larry Jones filly was going to win but I climbed aboard the wrong one.  I went with Geroux over Clark and Kerwin Clark turned into the feel good story of Oaks Day!

Only two (I’m A Chatterbox and Stellar Wind) of my four turned up in the super and I left Lovely Maria out entirely.  Heather had one hit the super in I’m A Chatterbox.  We both totally missed badly having Include Betty in the mix, but were spot on in leaving Condo Commando out.


I’m not going to say that American Pharaoh was as good as advertised because the way he was advertised he should have won by 14!  However, those that touted him as simply being the best horse in a good field were exactly right.  Admittedly in the discussions around the house both Heather and I felt that he was indeed the best horse but a large field, mile and a quarter, bumping around, etc., but that he was tough to play at 5/2ish.  I think we just got too cute with it.

I ended up with three out of four in the super, leaving out third place Dortmund for Upstart.  Firing Line ran the race I thought he would, except behind AP instead of Frosted who finished 4th.

Heather ended up with half the super, making the same mistake I did with Upstart and leading her ticket off with Mubtaahij.  Her choice didn’t fair too badly, finishing 8th and running, quite frankly, better than I thought he would.  She was adamant that Dortmund would run well and that was proven out as well.

So the racing world turns its attention to Baltimore and we will as well, but until then we’ll have a pair of stakes at Prairie Meadows as well as opening weekend at Canterbury Park to get ready to cover.


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