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Stewards Explanation of Canterbury Race 5 on Father’s Day

The Canterbury Park stewards released their explanation of events in Race 5 on Sunday, the ‘no contest’ race from Father’s Day.

Here is the text of that ruling:

June 18—5th Race: The Stewards posted the Inquiry sign in order to review several incidents. The start of the 5th Race had already been delayed approximately 10 minutes because of two late scratches. #6 Lil’ Red Devil had been injured in the gate and was scratched on advice of the Commission Veterinarian. The stall doors in front of #7 Show were opened to allow the horse to leave the front of the gate and avoid stepping on the legs of #6 which was on the ground under the gate, but #7 broke away from the Assistant Starter and ran loose for several minutes.
Once the field of eight was reloaded, #1 Tiz A Princess broke sharply inward throwing Jockey Patrick Canchari off balance. The rider jumped off before #1 reached the inside rail. The filly jumped the rail into the infield and proceeded across the road that connects the infield with the front side. #1 continued towards the turf chute and soon jumped the inside rail landing in the chute. She then began jogging towards the back end of the chute where she encountered another rail which she cleared before running to her left around the lake and moved towards the inner rail of the turf course near the 5/16ths pole.

By this time, the other seven starters were racing down the backstretch and nearing the far turn where #1 made two attempts to jump the inner rail succeeding on the second try and landing on the turf course.
Jockey Jareth Loveberry, rider of front-running Razipat, saw #1 and took a tight hold of his mount to avoid the loose horse.

Jockey Leslie Mawing, riding in second place on Battle Chic, also saw the loose horse and took a strong hold of his mount to avoid a collision. The other riders had become aware of the loose horse and also took whatever action necessary to be clear of the danger presented by the loose horse wanting to run with the field.

The Stewards declared the 5th Race a “No contest” and ordered refunds of all win, place, show, exacta, trifecta and superfecta wagers. They also ordered a consolation daily double payoff for the double starting in the 4th Race. For Pick 3 and Pick 4 wagers that included the 5th Race, the Stewards, pursuant to MRC Rules, made all programmed starters in the 5th race an “All-Win” for wagering purposes in those pools. 9th

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