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Tubby Time Breeder Issues Statement

We received the following statement from Jeff Larson, breeder and former owner of Tubby Time.  While we struggled a bit to craft this into a story, the powerful statement speaks for itself so we chose to publish it here in its entirety.

I am sure many of you are aware of the very sad situation Dorene and I found myself in yesterday with Tubby Time a 9 year old Gelding.  

Tubby was rescued from kill pen in Pennsylvania by the people at Beyond the Roses Equine rescue, with the help of Canterbury Park.

Last year at age 8 we raced Tubby a few times in his last year.  Not because he was good at racing anymore but because he loved it so much.  Even if he came in last, he would act like he won the biggest race of his life.  His tail would flair out at the end because he loved the race.  But we wanted him to retire with dignity and grace.  His last race was in Delaware and he went to Joe and Jen Clark to rehabilitate.  They planned to pasture him and help to find a good home.  

In February,  Merv Glick contacted them looking for a horse for his daughter for as a trail riding horse. They claimed their daughter was looking for a horse to ride.  They sold Tubby to Glick in February for $700 with the understanding that if it didn’t work out let him know he would take him back.

On Thursday morning, thru an email from a concerned horse lover, I found out Gail from Beyond the Roses Equine Rescue bought him from a sale in which the horses bought would be transported for slaughter.  Not sure why he sold him again at an auction instead of returning him to the Clark’s.  Thankfully, Tubby was identified by someone at the sales auction through his tattoo and Beyond the Roses and Canterbury stepped in.

Dorene has talked to Gail at Beyond the Roses and clearly we will pay whatever it takes to get Tubby back into shape.  We are so thankful for Gail and the difficult work they do.  Never would we have thought we would be in this situation, and with Tubby no less.  

We want to put this man’s name out there.  Do not sell horses to him or you could be in the same situation.  His name is Merv Glick.  We are very upset over this situation, thankful for the people who have supported Tubby and working to get him in good health.

Please pass this along to others as a learning experience. This was a wake up call for us and others to be aware.

4 Responses to “Tubby Time Breeder Issues Statement”

  1. Zig Pope says:

    I understand why you would choose to not name the perpetrator. However, in the meantime, the perp is out there likely buying horses only to sell to kill buyers, ergo scamming people.

  2. Sylvie Hebert says:

    The perpetrator SHOULD be named to spare more horses…

  3. Ted Grevelis says:

    Consider this scenario: the person buys the horse in February. A month goes by and, for whatever reason, it’s not working out. Rather then bring the horse back, he/she is introduced to a guy who can get it a “good home” for someone’s niece to ride. The folks think that they killed two birds with one stone: a nice new home for the horse and they get out from under the him. The nice guy turns out to be not so nice a guy and goes and flips the horse to a kill buyer for a few bucks. These folks are neophytes and are easily duped by this slick talking broker that preys on their fears and needs.

    Now, is this true? Of course I don’t know until I can reach this person and get a statement. I’m not in the business of assuming, and it’s not responsible of me to just throw a name out in a publication without absolutely knowing all the facts. When/if I ever can reach this person, I will report my findings.

  4. Bob Thompson says:

    Ted, it’s time to stop giving this lout the benefit of the doubt. Dorene Larson has written on another forum that she has called him, but he hangs up on her. That in itself is the statement you are looking for.

    I also did some research on him, and it seems he is involved in a notorius puppy mill in PA as well. The photos are sickening.

    Please report his name/

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